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Obesity Disease Recognized by AMA 0

Obesity Disease Recognized by the American Medical Association

In June 2013, the American Medical Association announced that it was now officially recognizing obesity as a disease. This was a step that was made for many reasons, including the potential to encourage doctors to pay a larger amount of attention to patients who have the condition and may prompt a larger number of insurers to cover the treatments for its management.

Natural Painkillers in Your Kitchen 0

Natural Painkillers You Can Find in Your Kitchen

Wouldn’t it be great to simply stroll into your kitchen and use natural painkillers the next time you can feel a bit of a headache coming on? When many of us suffer from a headache, a sore back, or digestive discomforts, our automatic reaction is to head to the medicine cabinet to take out the painkillers, muscle relaxants, and other over the counter products that have become extremely commonplace in our lives.

Natural Cavity Prevention with Milk 0

The Simple and Surprising Natural Cavity Prevention

The latest research is suggesting that a very surprising technique can help to save your mouth from tooth decay. This is important since there is barely a place in the world that we can go, anymore, that isn’t offering us sweets as desserts, snacks, or even impulse items near the checkout line.

Healthy Carbohydrates for Weight Loss 0

Making Healthy Carbohydrates Work for You in Your Diet

Carbohydrates have received quite a bad name over the last decade or so, particularly among individuals who are trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy body mass. However, they’re not quite the evil monsters that some diets make them out to be. In fact, carbs can play a very healthy role in making sure that your body is functioning at its best and has the accessible energy that it needs. They are also often found in foods that are very high in fiber and nutrients.

Diet vs exercise for weight loss 0

Which Leads to More Weight Loss – Diet vs Exercise?

Which side wins in the diet vs exercise debate for weight loss? Some of the latest research is indicating that knowing whether exercise or dieting will help you to reduce your weight the most could play a vital role in your ability to achieve your diet goal as quickly and easily as possible.

5 Tips to Put Out the Inflammation Fire 0

5 Tips to Put Out the Inflammation Fire

Inflammation is a natural occurrence in your body. Though you may have heard a lot of negative things about it, it does have some positive benefits. For instance, if you cut yourself, the swelling, redness, and pain are your body’s first line of defense to alert you to a problem and to encourage you to take action about it.

Learn How Phentermine Works

How Phentermine Works

The obesity rate continues to rise all over the world, so pharmaceutical companies are working hard to research the best diet pill ingredients that they can use to create products that can help people shed the excess weight and get healthier. One of the most well-known prescription weight loss drugs...

ayurvedic healing

What is Ayurveda?

If you are interested in holistic healing modalities, you might have come across the term Ayurveda during your research. Just as you can consider incorporating things like homeopathy, acupuncture, and energy healing like Reiki into your life, you can also consider using Ayurvedic principles to help restore balance to your...

Acupuncture and weight loss 0

Can Acupuncture Promote Weight Loss?

Acupuncture has really grown a lot in popularity over the years. You might have noticed that a lot more facilities that provide this treatment have opened up in your area, or you might have read a lot of headlines about this fascinating type of natural medicine. From pain relief to...