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Light Therapy and Weight Loss 0

Bright Light Therapy May Help You Improve Your Weight Loss

Light therapy boxes are becoming increasingly popular for people trying to achieve weight loss.  They are most commonly associated with people who suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). These devices can also be used to help improve your sleep, to help boost your focus during the day, to give you...

when you skip workouts for a week 0

What Happens When You Skip Workouts for a Week

Sure, skipping workouts is bad news for your weight loss goals and your muscles, but how long can you go without exercising before it takes its toll? What happens if you skip workouts for a week? Will it do a lot of damage? Will you be able to get back...

Drinking Alcohol is Unhealthy 0

This Study Says Drinking Alcohol is Never Healthy

Do you think that drinking a bit of alcohol here and there won’t do you any harm? Are you the type of person who thinks that everything in moderation is good for you? Well, you might want to think again. According to researchers, drinking alcohol is never healthy, no matter...