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Alternative PTSD Treatment for Veterans 0

Veterans Look to Alternative PTSD Treatment

Many veterans suffer from PTSD, but when it comes to treating them for this condition, the answer isn’t always simple and straightforward. For some, conventional therapies don’t work, so a lot of veterans, and the experts who treat them, are looking into alternative PTSD treatment options that might provide better...

Self-Acupressure May Ease Constipation 0

Self-Acupressure May Ease Constipation

Though it may be new to the mainstream, the idea of self-acupressure is nothing new to certain parts of the world. This is a great way of helping to heal the body from the inside out, and so many cultures and parts of the world have enjoyed the health benefits...

Self-Acupressure Points for a Variety of Conditions 0

Self-Acupressure Points for a Variety of Conditions

These days, there are a lot of setbacks generally associated with unnatural or man-made means of self-healing. Finding the most organic and effective way to make yourself feel better is usually optimal, but for those who don’t know much about acupressure, that choice may not even register in their mind....