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Healthy Carbohydrates for Weight Loss 0

Making Healthy Carbohydrates Work for You in Your Diet

Carbohydrates have received quite a bad name over the last decade or so, particularly among individuals who are trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy body mass. However, they’re not quite the evil monsters that some diets make them out to be. In fact, carbs can play a very healthy role in making sure that your body is functioning at its best and has the accessible energy that it needs. They are also often found in foods that are very high in fiber and nutrients.

Low GI Essential for Good Health 0

Low GI Essential for Good Health

The truth about carbohydrates is while they are not an essential nutrient for energy, they are vital to our brain (glucose). 40-60% of our daily energy does come from carbohydrates but only 10% comes from simple carbs. No matter what the fad diet is, carbohydrates will always be an essential...