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Diet vs exercise for weight loss 0

Which Leads to More Weight Loss – Diet vs Exercise?

Which side wins in the diet vs exercise debate for weight loss? Some of the latest research is indicating that knowing whether exercise or dieting will help you to reduce your weight the most could play a vital role in your ability to achieve your diet goal as quickly and easily as possible.

5 Tips to Put Out the Inflammation Fire 0

5 Tips to Put Out the Inflammation Fire

Inflammation is a natural occurrence in your body. Though you may have heard a lot of negative things about it, it does have some positive benefits. For instance, if you cut yourself, the swelling, redness, and pain are your body’s first line of defense to alert you to a problem and to encourage you to take action about it.

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Best Fitness Supplements of 2021

With so many new fitness and diet supplements being released every year, it can definitely be hard to keep up, and to figure out which ones are worth your time and money. That is why we have compiled and short and quick list of the most advanced fitness supplements that...

when you skip workouts for a week 0

What Happens When You Skip Workouts for a Week

Sure, skipping workouts is bad news for your weight loss goals and your muscles, but how long can you go without exercising before it takes its toll? What happens if you skip workouts for a week? Will it do a lot of damage? Will you be able to get back...

Tai Chi Could Be a Beneficial Exercise for Seniors 0

Tai Chi Could Be a Beneficial Exercise for Seniors

Tai Chi is an extremely popular form of martial arts in China used as a form of “meditation in motion”. It has become increasingly popular in North America for its amazing benefits. It is a centuries old practice and has considerably evolved over the years from personal defense techniques to...

Can More Sex Help You Lose Weight? 0

Can More Sex Help You Lose Weight?

There is an ongoing debate about the health benefits of sex. Most people do realize that having sex can relieve stress. However, most people are not aware of its weight loss reviews benefits. In fact, sex is one of the best ways to lose fat. But can more sex help...

How to Relieve Constipation Naturally 0

How to Relieve Constipation Naturally

We all have those moments where we feel the need or urge to go and we just cannot. Instead of reaching for that bottle of laxatives that only temporarily fixes the issue, learn how to relieve constipation naturally. Many foods can aid in this process, however, there are also certain...