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Natural Painkillers in Your Kitchen 0

Natural Painkillers You Can Find in Your Kitchen

Wouldn’t it be great to simply stroll into your kitchen and use natural painkillers the next time you can feel a bit of a headache coming on? When many of us suffer from a headache, a sore back, or digestive discomforts, our automatic reaction is to head to the medicine cabinet to take out the painkillers, muscle relaxants, and other over the counter products that have become extremely commonplace in our lives.

Diet and Exercise to Reduce Joint Pain Naturally 0

Diet and Exercise Habits to Reduce Joint Pain Naturally

There are many exercise routines that can actually do more harm than good to your joints, especially if you aren’t performing the exercises properly by carefully learning and then watching your form. However, there are some exercise habits that will help reduce joint pain naturally. In addition to combining these...

Foods That Naturally Fight Osteoarthritis Pain 0

Foods That Naturally Fight Osteoarthritis Pain

It is necessary to consume a healthy, balanced diet in order to maintain your well-being. However, if you are diagnosed with osteoarthritis, eating healthy is not just important; it is crucial. For any type of arthritis, it is vital to put effort toward reducing your weight so you can begin...

Reiki May Help Reduce Chronic Pain 0

Reiki May Help Reduce Chronic Pain

Reiki is a form of alternate medicine that involves healing with the use of palms. It was originally developed as in the early 1900s by Mikao Usi, a Japanese Buddhist. Over the years, this spiritual healing technique was adapted in several other cultures and made part of various traditions. The...

Top 10 Reasons to Indulge in Massage Therapy 0

Top 10 Reasons to Indulge in Massage Therapy

About 18 percent of adult Americans go for massage therapy at least once a year. This is not enough! As medical and psychological issues like arthritis, migraine, and stress become ubiquitous in the nation, people need effective ways of healing. Massage therapy is one of these healing techniques, and it...

Tendonitis Treatments and Information 0

Tendonitis Treatments and Information

What is tendonitis? Tendonitis is inflammation of a tendon, most commonly occurring because of overuse. However, tendonitis can be caused by an infection or rheumatic disease (such as arthritis). Many times tendonitis occurs with athletes such as tennis players and pitchers because of the overuse of the same muscle groups....